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  Distinguished professors,

  I am greatly grateful that you can spare some time to read my letter. I am a Chinese undergraduate from Jiangsu University. My name isXXX, coming from xxx of Jiangsu Province. I will graduate in July 20xx. After that, I want to continue my education by pursuing a master degree in UK.

  Since I became an accounting major, it has been my dream to be professional at finance and accounting. I always appreciate the free academic environment. In addition, I am looking forward to studying freely and having access to the exotic culture. In order to pursuing the aim, I have made great efforts to get high marks in some of my compulsory curriculum, such as Science of Auditing,Financial Management and International Trade. Although the results of some other courses are not that good, I promise that it will definitely not influence my pursuit and the interest of accounting, finance and economics.

  Constant learning makes me interested in accounting increasingly; meanwhile, having had some lessons related to ACCA arouses the greater interest, which has consolidated my desire to pursue further education in the UK. Mathematics, English and professional courses about accounting or finance were my favorite subjects in the college. I have established the strong academic foundation through my intense college studies, internship and prolonged personal interest. As an accounting major, I have always dreamed of involving in the field of finance, economics and accounting to improve the academic level and working capacity. While your university has enjoyed considerable reputation in this filed, it will be greatly appreciated if you can give me a chance to do graduate study.

  During the college years, the post of being a monitor benefits me a lot. Organizing the class to complete some subjects or thesis makes me realize the importance of cooperation, which, I believe, will directs me achieve greater progress in the future life. For instance, our team once won the prize of the excellent accounting dissertation at social practice in summer vocation in my university, which can demonstrate my professional skills to some extent.

  I am a person of great sense of responsibility. When I was a sophomore, I set up xxx Volunteers Association with three classmates, the aim of which is to induct the high school students and college students to establish accurate learning view, value view and outlook of life. What we have done has got much attention and affirmation in society.

  With so much admiration and enthusiasm, I hope I would have the opportunity to study under your supervision. If admitted, I am able to continue my passion on studying and get along better with others. Thanks for your kindness and consideration.

  Yours sincerely,




  1. 推荐人的选择:申请本科,班主任推荐是必须的,除了班主任之外,需要提供两位老师的推荐(一个为文科老师,一个为理科老师,一般选择英语和数学老师)。注意问题:如果有实习等经历可以提供实习单位推荐,但是一定要有内容可写的,如果只是认识一些名校的校友之类的就不需要提供了。

  2. 推荐信的具体内容注意事项:A. 一定要从老师的角度出发,来考虑这些问题。B. 提供实际的事例。比如:你上课喜欢问问题,那这种方式是否促进了班级学习的积极性,辅助老师更好地教学增强了学习效率呢?有没有印象特别深刻的问题,体现了学生那方面的能力?课下是如何和老师联系,探讨了哪些问题,让老师感受到了你怎么样的`学习态度,学习进展以及学习成果?成绩是班上最好的,除了学术成绩以外,你还有什么特别的优势或者素质呢?作为班上成绩最好的学生,你为老师,为同学,为班集体做了什么贡献,比如以你自己的方式影响了同学,提高了他们的学习积极性或者对课程本身的理解,是通过哪些特殊的事情体现出来的?

  3. 老师个人信息的提供:必须提供老师的电话(最好为办公电话)、邮箱(最好是学校官方邮箱),教授的科目、认识多长时间等信息,网申的时候必填的内容。

  4. 推荐信的提交:推荐信的提交一般分两种:纸质提交(打印出来,签字,封到封口处签字的信封里,给学校邮寄走)和网上提交(申请表填写老师邮箱,学校给老师发账号和密码,老师网上提交)。越来越多的学校选择后者,所以建议学生提前把这两种跟老师说好,如果是纸质的到时候让老师签字或者咱们代签就行,如果是网上提交,建议让老师到时候把链接账号和密码转发给我们,我们来提交。


  Dear interviewer,

  Hello! My name is Jane. I’m a student in HIT, majoring in automation. Here, I’d like to take this opportunity to recommend myself to be transferred to your school.

  I think I’m competent to be chosen as a member of yours. I love my major and I have been working hard since I entered the university. And in every semester, I got my grades over 85 percent. I think that it’s a recognition and encouragement to me. In the meantime, I spent a lot of time studying English after class. The work I did in my leisure time really enhanced my listening and speaking skills. Also, it builds up my confidence to quickly get accustomed to the life abroad.

  Besides, these are not what I did best in my college. People say that I’m a energetic girl. Except of the study part, I also participate in many student clubs. For instance, last year I joined in a dance club and won a prize in a cheer squad competition. Then, there came the school’s new year performance. So my friends and I directed the whole class doing a dance show. It was very successful. And this year, I tried something new--I acted in a modern stage play. I like new things, and always be energetic and creative. This is my style. In my point of view, activities like these can make my college life more colorful. I really get fun, make a lot of friends, and learn how to cooperate with others. What’s important, I gradually knew how to keep balance with life and work.

  I always having a dream to become an engineer. In order to realize my dream, I will spare no effort to improve myself. And now, I think going further study abroad is the best choice for me. My family is also in favor of my studying abroad. They want me to gain access to the culture in other country. So I believed my plan to study abroad will be a success. If I’m very lucky to be accepted, I’ll work even harder and be strict with myself.

  Sincerely yours,



  Dear Sir/Madam:

  I am a student, graduated from XX middle school, XX, XX autonomous region, in 20xx. I am still studying in high school now, because I was not enrolled by the ideal university last year. Recently, I have a dream to study abroad. Then I search online and find that it is more convenient and suitable for me to go to New Zealand for study.

  First, New Zealand is a multicultural country, which has the most advanced education in the world. Second, the tuition is lower than other countries’, which I think is mo

  re reasonable for me. Finally, the climate of New Zealand is similar with the climate of the South of China. Considering above reasons, I told my parents my plan on going to New Zealand for study, and my parent agreed with me.

  As a girl, I like preschool education since I was young. Nowadays, Chinese parents, who want their children to get better education, pay more attention to preschool education. If I study specialized curriculums on preschool education, I will go back China and work hard on preschool education after leaving college.

  My plan is as follows: first, I plan to study English in language institute for about a half year in New Zealand. Then, I will study specialized curriculums on preschool education.

  I believe I have the ability of study abroad, because I have finished all high school curriculums. Besides, my parents both have job and have rich income, so they will support me to finish my study. After finishing my study, I will return to my homeland and work on preschool education, so as to realize my life value.